Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why Blah, Blah, Blog?

Many writers have started blogging over the past few years. Obviously Beth and I are no exception. And if you haven't started, you may be wondering if blogging is something you need to do. Our answer is maybe.

Here are some reasons to consider starting your own blog:

Blogging helps you write regularly. And writing regularly helps you develop your voice.

Blogging is free.

Blogging is a place where you can promote or host a giveaway of your book.

Blogging can serve as a photo album for your family and friends.

Blogging expands your readership to the world. Most blogs are open to public viewing.

Blogging connects you with other writers. There are writing blog groups you can join.

Blogging gives you opportunities to be interviewed by other bloggers.

Blogging allows you the freedom to express your passions. We've seen people with three, four, or five blogs to their name; each one showcasing a different interest.

And lastly, blogging is fun!

Let us know if you start a blog because of this post. Or what your thoughts are on blogging.

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Beth K. Vogt said...

Well, one writing buddy started a blog, thanks to encouragement from this post! Anybody else want to take the plunge into the blogosphere too?

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