Saturday, November 10, 2007

How Can I Get Noticed?

After attending a writers conference, I feel both encouraged and discouraged. Encouraged because I met other writers, learned a few things, and heard positive feedback from editors. Discouraged because of the fierce competition. I remember one editor saying she needs 365 devotions each year and she receives about 2500 submissions. Sounds like tough odds to me.

So, how can I stand out among the crowd? How can I make sure my article or book proposal gets a second read through?

Here's some basics I try to remember when I write:

*Prefer the simple word to the fancy.

*Avoid adverbs. Use adjectives sparingly.Oops, there's an adverb.

*Use strong action verbs and nouns.

*Research what I'm writing about, if needed. An author loses credibility if he is writing about a person with Parkinson's Disease if he doesn't know about the current treatment options or how the disease affects the body.

*Submit only my best work. The most frequent complaint I've heard at conferences from publishers is writers send in sloppy work.

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