Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Punting This Post

What do you do when your writing life collides with your real life? Or, in my case, my mommy life?
I'm on deck today with a sick kiddo, which is no fun for her or for me. And I am going to punt this post. In other words, I am going to keep it brief.
And all I can say is Thank you, God, for people who compile lists.

5 Reasons to be Persistent and Patient
  1. You have to be. It is a necessary part of being a writer.
  2. Being patient and persistent works. The people who make it as writers are those who have practiced patience and persistence for years.
  3. It's saner, more comfortable, and less stressful than being impatient and giving up.
  4. Decisions, pieces of writing, and careers all need time to grow, mature and ripen.
  5. Editors, agents, and other publishing people are often overwhelmingly busy, and thus slow to respond to writers.

Excerpt from 1,818 Ways to Write Better & Get Published by Scott Edelstein

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