Saturday, November 24, 2007

Trends Change

As writers, we see trends come and go. Historical fiction. Forty-day books. Chick-lit series. Testimonials. If we look to follow the current trend, we're too late. There's a new book fade stepping up to take center stage. So how can we stay above the latest happenings in publishing?

I'll be honest: I don't know. I've heard try to think ahead of the market. I've heard stick with your passion and eventually it'll be back in style. Any random thoughts out there?

I think regardless of trends our best work is done with our whole heart. Time, talent, work, and sacrifice. Nothing less will do.

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Susan Kelly Skitt said...

My thought is stick with what you love. The passion will show in your writing. I think we'll go nuts trying to follow trends. From what I'm learning about the way the pub industry seems to work, by the time you write for a certain trend, a new trend will take its place.

A couple of years ago while participating in an author's night, I sat next to Mindy Starns Clark. I asked her how she got into Harvest as a mystery writer.

Her response? (paraphrase here) "Her manuscript sat on a desk pile and the editor just came out of a meeting where they talked about finding something "new". Guess what they hadn't published yet?"

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