Friday, November 30, 2007

So, What Did You Do This Year?

It's early, early Friday morning and I'm getting a headstart on my day.
And then I'm going to bed and I'll start over in a few hours.
I was wracking my brains, trying to come up with something to blog about--and then I realized that we're almost at the end of 2007. Before we start our What I'm Going to Accomplish in 2008 List, we should look back and applaud ourselves for what we accomplished in 2007!
So, what did you do in 2007?
Stop right there! Don't think about any of those things you didn't do! That's not what I asked you.
Think of what you did do. Maybe it was something you planned on doing, like sending that query letter off to an editor. Or writing a rough draft of your novel. Or attending a writers conference.
Maybe it was something unexpected, like abandoning non-fiction because you heard voices and were lured to fiction. Or maybe you started a blog. (Really? Tell us about it!) Or maybe you had something published. (Tell us about that too!)
I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
I can't wait to hear about it!

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elizabeth said...

A few things I did in 2007:
- Started a new blog about my faith.
- Got my master's in journalism.
- Started a new editorial job.
- Wrote a couple of freelance articles.
- Got more involved in a leadership role at my church.
- Started practicing lectio divina and contemplative prayer.
- Discovered the joys of Guitar Hero.
- Posted on my blog every day for the month of November! ;-)

Julee Ann said...

-Attended my first writer's conference
-Sent two book proposals to various publishers
-Wrote consistently all year
-Sent numerous magazine queries
-Hosted my daughter's destination 175 guest wedding
-Planned and implemented 300 student music outreach workshop at local high school

Looking forward to:

...next year w/o the last two major interruptions. Both well worth the effort, and highly successful, but quite time consuming.

...and getting published.

Found you over at Elizabeth's. Nice to meet ya!

Beth K. Vogt said...

Brava, ladies!!!
I'm impressed with what you both accomplished in 2007. Pat yourselves on the back, catch your breath, and get ready for 2008!

anna j said...

The proudest experience of this year was taking on the challenge of home schooling 3 little girls in the bush of Zambia, Africa. It was a huge adventure, and an experience that forced me to face my childhood country, along with the family tragedy that went along with that. It was a time of goodness, a time of hard work, a time where daily survival took all the energy I had in me some days . . .
and it was exactly where God wanted me to be. That I never doubted for a second.

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