Monday, November 19, 2007

Let's Get This Blog Started Contest-Part 2

Tiffany and I had so much fun with our first contest, we decided to have another one.

Let's Get This Blog Started Part 2! (There's always a sequel, right?)

So, what's the prize?

Tiffany and I connected at a Writing for the Soul conference, so it seems appropriate to offer Jenkins' book as a prize.
Since this is Part 2 of a contest, we'll give you two ways to try and win:

  1. Post a comment through the end of November

  2. Tell someone about The Writing Road blog and have them post a comment--just have them tell us how they found out about the blog.

Easy, right?

Tiffany and I are enjoying meeting all of you. We try and drop by all of your blogs too. Is there anybody out there we've missed?


Patricia said...

That looks like a wonderful prize. I'll do both - obviously I am posting a comment, and I'll blog about "The Writing Blog" some time later today.

Thank you, Beth and Tiffany.

jen said...

I'm so happy I stumbled across you and this blog through NaBloPoMo - I've been looking for other writers who blog. This has been a busy month, but I hope to be more involved through comments once Thanksgiving is over.

anna j said...

Here's my "entry" for the giveaway . . . and please feel free to check out my blog :-)

Hopeful Spirit said...

I hope that you will participate in the first-ever Group Writing Project that Tami, Shalene, and I are hosting! You can read the details at On the Horizon. All you need to do is send a link to your post to me via e-mail. It will then appear on all three of our sites and, hopefully, allow a good number of folks to read your thoughts about thankfulness and Christianity! Please join us!

I'm adding this great site to my blogroll and will definitely be a regular reader.

Kelly Malloy said...

That looks like a great read! I'm in!

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