Friday, April 18, 2008

One More Thing About Editors--For This Week, Anyway

As much as I didn't want to rewrite my article one more time, I wasn't willing to give up on it.
Because the editor wasn't giving up on it.
Even though we were in round three of "tweaking" my article, I told myself, "She must like something about the article to keep working with me on it."
And work with me, she did.
The editor had taken the time to shuffle some sections of the article around--and then highlighted them in a different color. When she sent the manuscript back, she also sent an e-mail with three questions she wanted me to consider. She never said, "Write your article this way--or else." She was trying to make sure the article was clear for the reader and that I wasn't repeating myself. And because the article spanned 7 years, the chronology was tricky. The editor wanted to make certain we had that right.
All things worth considering.
All in all, this article is getting published because of the hard work of several different people:
  • me, as the writer/owner of the original idea
  • my writers group, as the "supporting act" who stuck with me through the whole process
  • and the editor, who was thorough, considerate and professional throughout the entire process

I hope I get to work with her again some day.

And yes, I'll do any and all re-writes.

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