Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finding Good in Bad News

“Our greatest fear is not missing a few publishing opportunities. Our
greatest fear is not being good stewards of the opportunities we have been
Michael S. Hyatt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas
Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the
sixth largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.

In the last two weeks, I’ve experienced writer’s fright and bouts of writing frenzy. What induced these emotional states? A book proposal requested by a publisher. I’m passionate about the subject matter and want my proposal and chapters to convey that.

I've also been following Michael S. Hyatt's blog regarding events at Thomas Nelson Publishers (TN). He announced on his blog:

* TN will no longer participate in the publishing industry’s two major trade shows: Book Expo America (BEA) or the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS).
* TN laid off 10% of their workforce.
* TN is cutting 50% of their annual new title output (they published 700 last year).

And I thought a rejection letter was painful. Can’t imagine Hyatt’s emotions.

Is this bad news to writers pursuing publication? Not necessarily. It's a challenge to motivate writers to write well. My blog today adapts thoughts from Thomas Nelson’s mission statement “We inspire the world.”

How Can I Improve My Writing?
TN is committed to teamwork. Find a writing team. Start or find a writing critique group to help you develop your unique gifts and insights to fulfill your calling.

What and Why Do You Write?
Questions to Ponder: Do I want my writing to—
* effect people in a positive way
* provide direction, advice, hope, and practical guidance to desperate, hurting people
* make a positive emotional impact on others
* inspire people to take action leading to noble actions
* encourage change in individuals and our culture?

Who Inspires You to Write?
Michael's blog states: “The world is the focus of our inspiration. While this work begins initially with the individual, it does not end there. Our goal is to inspire a chain reaction that ultimately influences the whole world. Our purpose will not be realized until our products are readily available and changing lives in every part of the world.”

Well…when he wrote about the Greek definition of “inspired,” which means God-breathed, that warmed my researcholic’s heart. I looked up a chapter “The Anatomy of Gossip” for a book I’m writing, because all words emanate from the soul. The power of God’s holy breath (Hebrew, neshima) infused life into man’s physical body and his soul (neshama). I want my 70 or 80 years of breath to connect to God, rather than sucking air and dying for 70–80 years—disconnected from my Creator and his purpose for my life. I pray that my words draw from the Divine breath in my soul to touch hearts and change lives. Again, I ask, “What, why, who, and Who inspires you to write?”

Dream Big—Work Hard
Do you strive to exceed your reader’s expectations with quality writing? Do you write to influence lives by offering wise, honest insight? If you have the gift of wisdom and the ability to write, be a good steward. Don’t pass up the opportunity to write, because it’s hard work.

© 2007, Michael S. Hyatt. Used by Permission. Originally posted at www.michaelhyatt.com.

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