Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Call for Submissions: Cup of Comfort

Looking for somewhere to submit a story? Here's a suggestion:

Share Some Comfort
Call for Submissions

A Cup of Comfort is a bestselling anthology (book) series featuring uplifting true stories about the experiences and relationships that inspire and enrich our lives. These slice-of-life stories are written by people from all walks of life and provide unique personal insights into powerful universal truths.

A Cup of Comfort for Military Families
Submission Deadline: 4/15/2008
A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers
Submission Deadline: 6/15/2008
A Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families
Submission Deadline: 6/15/2008

Writer's Guidelines
How to Create a Savory Cup of Comfort Story
A Cup of Comfort stories weave powerful life lessons into vividly told tales. They are nonfiction stories that read like fiction but always ring true. They are real-life tales that reveal the positive aspects of humanity; that inspire, entertain, and enlighten readers; and that bring tears of compassion and joy to our eyes, hope to our hearts, and comfort to our souls. Cup of Comfort stories are original, creative, slice-of-life depictions of the most important and influential experiences and relationships in our lives.
Each Cup of Comfort anthology includes a balanced mix of stories of varied themes, such as:

  • Extraordinary achievements and experiences of "ordinary" people
  • Life-changing, life-affirming, or life-defining experiences and relationships
  • Epiphany, synchronicity, serendipity
  • Finding/giving comfort in difficult times
  • Triumph over tragedy; overcoming adversity or challenges
  • Life's blessings and miracles, big and small
  • Finding the silver lining in a dark cloud; turning lemons into lemonade
  • Relationships and experiences that bring hope, understanding, healing
    Catalysts for and examples of positive change; acts of kindness and compassion
For more information about submitting to Cup of Comfort, go to their Web site.

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