Friday, April 4, 2008

Doing Nothing May Be Doing Something

"Procrastinating is part of the writing process. Your subconcious is working on the story. You can procrastinate--just make sure you finish."
~ Jerry B. Jenkins, New York Times Bestselling author

Sometimes when I look at what little writing I've accomplished lately, I feel guilty. I'm a writer. I should be writing.

And yet, I'm not ready to write.

I keep pushing myself away from the computer, waiting for the answer to the question: What next?

Reading Jenkin's quote gave me some breathing space. While I may not be spinning words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into articles or a book proposal--I am working. My subconcious is mulling over ideas. I'm wondering if my recent talk at a women's conference could become a book topic. I'm wondering if some of the things I'm blogging on over at The Accidental Pharisee are worth writing about in some other format.

Right now I am a procrastinating writer. My hands are idle--but my brain is on overdrive. I like to say writing is rewriting. Sometimes writing is not writing. Sometimes writing is thinking about what you're going to write. And then thinking some more--until the thoughts finally oveflow onto the page.


Anonymous said...
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Tiffany Stuart said...

Excellent point. And I know God will reveal the next step. And when He does, Scoti and I are there to cheer you on!

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