Monday, April 21, 2008

Do You Write to Impress or Express?

There is a difference between writing to impress or express.
Writing to make an impression—

Pleases others.
Gains approval.
Achieves success.

I’ve worked in organizations where I wrote honestly. Sometimes, it ruffled feathers. Bemused, upper management preferred to hear what they purported.

No discussion.
No thinking.
No respect.

There was only one way to think—theirs. “Respect” only flowed in one direction—upward towards those in control.

When someone disagrees, it gives me an opportunity to reevaluate my assumptions and beliefs. Telling others what they want to hear, disrespects them and prostitutes your writing soul.

A writer’s life expresses what we know. For me, writing comes from personal struggles and betrayals. I’m not alone. It’s my desire that what I write encourages others to think for themselves…to evaluate what they believe…to be braver…to grow stronger…to heal.

Where do you struggle most in life? You are not alone. Find a way to express it through writing. It frees others trapped by the lie of trying to impress.

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