Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday's Tips On Conferences

Since it's a new year, many writers start planning, saving, and preparing for a writer's conference. Beth, Scoti, and I are no exception. We will attend the Writing for the Soul conference starting on January 31st.

To find a writers conference in your area, visit Writers Digest.They have an extensive list by month, state, and genre.

Here's some basics:

* Bring business cards. Networking is a huge part of your conference experience.

* Dress professional. Make a good first impression.

* To save money, room with someone. Even if you don't know anyone attending, there are usually options to have a roommate or two.

* Share your book ideas. Editors don't have time to look at your entire manuscript, instead bring a query, proposal, or a pitch sheet. If they're interested, they will ask you to mail them your proposal.

* Be ready to talk about what you write. That's often the first question you will be asked among writers.

* Organize yourself. Declutter your purse or briefcase. Have your articles, devotions, or proposals separated in manila folders. Sample writing helps editors see your style. Bring your best work.

* Study the program beforehand. Visit the websites of the publishers and agents attending. Know who publishes what. Know which workshops you are interested in.

* Grab publisher catalogs and writers guidelines. These are valuable resources to have on hand when you return home.

* Send thank you cards to editors and agents. No need for fancy gifts, just a simple card will do.

Did we miss your favorite tip? If so, please tell us.

Are you planning to attend a conference in 2008. Why or why not?

All comments will be entered into our drawing for two giveaways.

(Next Tuesday, we'll talk about your "elevator speech." How to share your ideas with an editor in thirty seconds and how to make the most out of your 15 minute appointments. And why you should meet with an editor even if you don't have something to pitch.)

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