Thursday, January 31, 2008

Author Interview: Susan May Warren

(Note: Susan is sponsoring a blog tour contest--details below!)

I've been reading a lot of Susan May Warren's books lately because I like how she writes! Susan's characters are believable and I miss them when I'm finished with the book. Her plots are woven with a strong dose of real life, humor, faith and romance. All that combined equals a great read for me!

Susan's newest release is Chill Out, Josey. To fully enjoy it, I grabbed a copy of Everything's Coming Up Josey, the first book in the series, which tells about Josey's year in Russia as a missionary.

Chill Out, Josey finds Josey's plans for the perfect life being upset by some unexpected circumstances. Here's a synopsis of the book:

Russia? Not again. Josey's finally living the good life - she's got the man, the (almost-perfect) wedding, the two-story Cape-Cod house of her dreams. That is until her man drags her back to Moscow! Josey knows she has the guts to follow her own dreams across the world, but she's not so sure she can play the perfect wife while her husband chases after his. Josey's set on having the perfect life…even in a world without hot water, decent take-out and size-two leather fashion. But can she find the courage to tell her man the secret that will change their lives forever?

I had the chance to ask Susan a few questions about her writing life:

What got you started along the Writing Road?
My first steps were reading a lot of books and knowing what I liked. Then I started a book “journal” – writing down what I liked about a book, the plot, the characters, the writing. I sought ways to put that into my own writing. Then, of course, I started working on stories, writing them over and over and over until I liked the voice. I still do that. *g*

What are some obstacles along the Writing Road?
Discouragement! Not just rejection, but working so hard on a book or story only to have an editor or even critic not like it. And then, of course, there are other authors who always seem to write better than I do. I am constantly thinking … how can I tell this story better, how can I make this scene have more impact.

What keeps you motivated along the Writing Road?
A writer writes, even if no one reads her work. I love to write. I love words, and plots and building stories, and seeing a story come to life. For me, writing is a way to also see God at work in my life, helping me grow with my characters. So, I guess the pleasure of seeing a book come together – and God’s touch in my life is my biggest motivator.

What's next for you along the Writing Road?
I’m so excited to be starting a new series with Tyndale. It’s a funny, first person, PI series that combines my chick voice with my love for romantic suspense. The first book, Gimme Some Sugar, comes out next year in March. BUT, between now and then, look for Wiser than Serpents, a thriller set in Taiwan, Finding Stefanie, a story about a cowgirl getting her man, and Get Cozy, Josey – due out next November, just in time for Josey to move to SIBERIA!

Susan is sponsoring a blog tour contest! Here's the details:

Submit your funniest/craziest/most embarrassing PREGNANCY STORY and be entered to win a Super Fabulous, Ultra Deluxe Chill Out, Mom SPA BASKET!

Here is the link to the Contest page on Susan’s website:


**This contest is exclusively for her blog tour. Chances are there will be another contest going on for her general audience. Feel free to enter both contests. By submitting your story, Susan will know which contest you are entering!**

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