Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, New Contests

We promised more contests in 2008, and we stand by our promises!

We'll start with the good stuff: I'm going to make this a Double Contest.

Two ways to win. Two prizes to win.


Here's what you can win:

1. A copy of Writing Motherhood by Lisa Garrigues


2. A year's subscription to Writer's Digest.

Here's how you can win:

1. Post comments during the month of January (This is the "regular" way to win).


2. Tell others about The Writing Road Blog. When they post a comment, make sure they add a P.S. saying that you told them to drop by! (They can use your blogger name. We'll find you.)

Let the contest begin!! It's always fun to read your posts!!


JHS. said...

Looks like I'm the first to comment! I'm "in." :-)

Paulette Harris said...

2007 Word "Perseverance". I worked hard at my writing and finally began to publish. The best was a present from Jesus....a paid contract! I am so tickled.
It is a 90 Day Devotional for Military Wives which is a subject after my own heart.

This year, still working but I believe it will be "legacy" What are you leaving behind besides a will, estate or inheritance?

Hugs and Blessings to all for the New Year.
Paulette Harris

Beth K. Vogt said...

Welcome jhs--I found your site!
And, Paulette, I like the word "legacy" for 2008. Great word to focus on!