Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year, New Goals

If you're like me, a new year brings a fresh perspective, the desire to look ahead and set new goals.

What will you write this year? Your first novel? Articles? Will you ramp up your writing and query more? or focus on your book idea? Will you create a website as a writer? Or is something more pressing on your plate causing you to write less?

What are your 2008 writing goals?

Pick one and let us know.

Beth, Scoti and I are attending the Writing for the Soul conference in Colorado Springs starting January 31st. So our first writing goal involves preparing for the conference only a few weeks away. Praying about what to take: an article or two, a few devotionals, a pitch sheet for a book idea.

And let's not forget the questions, "What will I wear? Did I wear that last year?"

All comments are entries for our two giveaways. See yesterday's post for details.

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