Monday, January 28, 2008

Are You a Real Writer?

Ever wonder if you're a real writer? What makes you a real writer? Is it getting your first article or short story published? Getting your first advance?

Author Janni Lee Simner says she got tired of waiting for that "real writer" certificate to arrive in the mail. So, she took matters into her own creative hands, and designed The Official Real Writer Certificate.

As Simner states on her Web site:

Presented so that you, too, can stop waiting for your validation to
arrive in the mail and get on with the business of writing. There's only one
requirement for printing out a copy: that you first say aloud, "I am a real
I find it looks particularly nice on yellow parchment paper, and
that a gold seal and a frame are both nice touches. :-)

Many thanks to Simner for stepping up and affirming real writers one and all.

Her certificate states that you have met "the standards set forth" to be a real writer.

So you tell me: What makes someone a real writer?

And don't forget to print out (and frame) your certificate.

(With thanks to my "real writer" son, Josh, who first mentioned this on his blog Through a Glass Darkly.)

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nd said...

I recently blogged about being a "real writer" following a conversation with someone on the train: http://neildixon.com/2008/01/28/do-you-want-or-do-you-need-to-become-writer/

Real writers are compelled, driven to write, they have no choice but to express their ideas otherwise they might simply burst.