Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Can I Start the New Year Over?

Today I drove my daughter Hannah to her new school campus about eight miles from home. Her former campus closed before Christmas due to mold issues. When we arrived, we wandered empty halls, climbed stairs and finally found Hannah's new classroom on the fifth floor. No teacher, no students. Ten minutes early. People are probably trying to find there way, I thought. A teacher popped her head in and said, "School starts tomorrow. Today's an inservice day."

So much for my ten-year-old's excitement and my day of productivity. I planned to workout at the Y, blog, and finish two writing assignments due tomorrow and Friday. Instead I skipped the Y and turned into a ball of stress.

We drove back home. I felt like an idiot. What mom doesn't check when her child starts back to school? I just assumed that since my high schooler started back today so did my fifth grader(they attend the same charter school). Not.

So I start 2008 a bit off track. Hope to still get my writing done. Found a playdate for Hannah. Maybe, if I'm real productive, the girls can swim and I can workout at the Y this afternoon.

It'll all work out--if I have the right attitude. It's amazing how quickly my mood can change based on my circumstances. God, help me walk in your ways.

(PS. Soon we will announce our January giveaway. Coming soon, we welcome our fellow writing comrade, Scoti Domeij. By next week, we should be in full swing with our blog.)


elizabeth said...

A couple of summers ago I showed up to one of my classes for grad school a day early. That involved a 40-minute drive (each way) and a 15-minute hike up to my building on campus during a hot, humid summer day. So, don't feel too bad. Minor detail, right?

Speaking of giveaways, I got my prize (the Writer's Resource CD) in the mail! Yay! Thanks!

Beth K. Vogt said...

Glad you got the CD! Let us know what your favorite thing(s) is/are on it.

Quote on circumstances (which I have posted in my kitchen for constant viewing): Do not wait for a change in your circumstances to change your attitude.

RumorsOfGlory said...

I just wanted to say that your your day gave you something to write about and helped us all related to you (we've all had days like that right).

I don't know how to leave my blog address here since it is on Wordpress, not blogger. So I will put it in this text:

Tiffany Stuart said...

Thanks for the love, ladies.

I'm moving in the right direction today. A new day, a new attitude.