Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Creative Thinking

Yesterday, I met with a friend who I consider a prolific writer and thinker. She's the type of person I need when my brain is frozen solid and I don't know what do with my writing. She's creative--and resourceful.

She gave me a few suggestions. I thought I'd share them with you.

Goggle a word or a combination of words you are want to write about. Read articles. Take notes, jotting down what intrigues you and journal your own thoughts. My husband even suggested this to me a few weeks ago. Why didn't I think of that? I usually research but not at first. I use the internet as a last resort. What a great way to jump start the creative process.

Start writing. One of the best ways to get creative is by writing. The act of writing loosens the frozen chunks. I'm often surprised at what I come up with. Aren't you? Ideas flow best when we are in our chair, fingers on the keypad.

Use mind mapping. Draw out your idea on a piece of paper. In the center circle, write your the name of your topic. From there, branch off with smaller circles as subtopics. And with the subtopics, do the same thing. Before you know it, you've mapped your idea out.

What helps you start the creative process?

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jen said...

I have a del.icio.us account (http://del.icio.us./, and bookmark articles and blog posts I find online throughout the week.

If I feel stuck at the beginning of my dedicated writing time, I go back through these things I found inspiring or interesting.

Also, because I'm a busy mom and only have my babysitter three hours a week for dedicated writing time, I have to find ways to quiet my mind of all the other things I feel I should be doing. I write at a coffee shop/wine bar, listening to music through my iPod that serves as a background but does not distract, and I usually start with a relaxing glass of wine.