Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winding Down the Writing Year

There are 13 days left in 2007.

I'm figuring that, unless you are on a deadline like I was last week, you are not thinking about writing.

Writing has been pushed to the backburner, thanks to the holidays and celebrating with friends and family and traveling and shopping and writing Christmas letters and baking cookies ... whatever it is you do that makes this time of year special.

Sometimes life isn't about writing.

And that's okay.

All too soon it will be January and you'll be looking at a new list of Writing To Dos or Want Tos.

Don't miss out on the reason to celebrate the Christmas season. Don't feel guilty if you're ignoring your novel or magazine article. It will still be there in 13 days.

Let writing be the one thing you let go of--just for a little bit--so you can embrace now.

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