Wednesday, December 5, 2007

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words # 5

What would you write for this photo?

We started this blog feature during NaBloPoMo, consigning it to Sundays. We decided to bring it out during the week, hoping to get some more involvement. (Things get quiet in the blogosphere during the weekends. )

So, post some comments--fiction or non-fiction.

You could always start by humming "Walking in a winter wonderland ..."


Rainey said...

As she left him in his final resting place she wondered "Why, Lord, why now? It just doesn't seem fair."

LoreeArrington said...

Our home was packed with friends and family, full of joyful noise, and so I set out through the woods to find a little piece of quiet. My mind raced as I walked, but slowly as I walked, it slowed as well. The year had been a whirlwind - at once exhausting and exhilarating. At times I felt overwhelmed trying to process it all. I paused, listening to the quiet woods, blanketed with a fresh snow. Only the sounds of the snow shifting off of the trees met my ears - as if all of God's creation had paused for a rest as well. I turned to look back to where I had come, and a still voice within whispered, "Forgetting what lies behind..." And I knew. Pause. Rest. Press Forward. Don't get stuck - keep pressing. The journey will be worth it. I brushed joyful tears from my cheeks, refreshed, encouraged and turned toward home.