Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Writing Help from Bob Hostetler

Bob Hostetler is a busy guy. He's an award-winning writer, editor, speaker and pastor from Ohio. He also taught an excellent class, "Your Best Nonfiction Book Now!" at the Writing for the Soul conference. (Yes, I'm talking about that again!)
During the class, he taught 10 Self-Editing Exercises that Will Produce Your Best Book Now. The list included:
  1. Ask, "Who Cares?" In other words, identify if there is a need for your book.
  2. Learn to edit for personal weaknesses. Every writer has a few glaring weaknesses--glaring to everyone but herself. Some of mine? I overuse the word "just" and I love em dashes.
  3. Do onscreen exercises. In other words, use spell-check and grammar software.
  4. Read your writing aloud.
  5. Proofread your work at least 3 days later. If you proof it sooner than this, you'll read what you meant to write. The world can wait three more days!
Here's the rest of Hostetler's list. His Web site is worth bookmarking on your computer!


Tiffany Stuart said...

Loved his workshops. Need to listen to them again. And again.

Anonymous said...

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