Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Watch Book TV C-Span2?

Confessions of a Researchaholic
I enjoy Book TV C-Span2. I’m fascinated by the strangely English-sounding American accents of scholarly experts. Some interviews are endlessly boring. Others provide explanations spoken in dull tones as they drone on about their subject matter. Still, my brain catalogs interesting tidbits. Often, they forget to address or look into the eyes of the listener—the camera.

Why Do I Enjoy These Writers?
They make me feel normal. Am I boring? I hope not. Guess it depends upon whom you ask. Do I look into a far corner of the room instead of into my listener’s eyes? Nope.

When I watch television or films, I visually look past the interview, plot, or the action to scrutinize antique furnishings and the décor. The authors on Book TV C-Span2—

  • talk about why and how they write.
  • are surrounded by scads of books.
  • share helpful research organizational tips. Sometimes their researchaholic eccentricities are mine.
  • discuss topics that may be foreign, but within their hearts beats the same passion—they must write.

    And these are the reasons they make me feel normal.

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