Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pitch the Book Proposal Part 2

I started talking about Pitch Sheets two days ago, telling you why I think pitch sheets are the best thing you can take to a 15 minute editor appointment at a writers conference.

Yes, better than a book proposal.

I told you what information went on a pitch sheet:

  1. Working title

  2. Synopsis

  3. Author bio

  4. Format

  5. Marketing

  6. What's new or different about your book OR what need your book addresses

I promised to give you more details on the components of a pitch sheet. So, here goes:

Working Title: Make it a good one, even though 90% of working titles are changed. You can use your working title as a chapter title or as title for a workshop.

Synopsis: Three to 4 sentences max. If you're writing a nonfiction book, include your hook, define the need and include benefits. If it's fiction, still use a hook to grab an editor's attention.

Author Bio: Tell why you are the one to write the book. List your most pertinent writing credits. This is not the time to share personal information--unless that somehow relates to the book. For instance, the fact that I had a baby at 41 definitely increased my credentials to write a book about late-in-life motherhood. Write what you know, right?

Format: Here's where you list how many words your book is and include some chapter titles. You also might include a quick glimpse at some topics you'll cover in your non-fiction book.

Marketing: Don't say "I'm available for book signings and I'll go on Oprah!" That's not marketing--it's wishful thinking. Tell how you are going to help sell your book. Who do you know that will help you market your book? Do you have a blog, Web site, speaking platform?

What's new, different or what need does your book address: What does your book offer that other books don't?

If you'd like to see a sample pitch sheet, e-mail me and I'll send you one.


Beverly Dillow said...

I would love to see a sample of a pitch sheet. Thanks so much. Beverly@beverlydillow.com

Praise and Coffee said...

Thanks for this info!
I will email you for a sample pitch sheet.

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