Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thomas Nelson Launches Self-Publishing Imprint

“Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” —Bertold Brecht

Agents, authors and the publishing world are buzzing about Michael Hyatt’s big announcement that Thomas Nelson is starting a vanity press, WestBow Press.

Hyatt implied WestBow authors could be a “farm team.” With the industry not sure where publishing is headed, my first thoughts were that this is a great business move. Why not offer this service to authors hungry to be published?

I wondered whether an editorial team at WestBow would evaluate whether or not the author could publish their book with WestBow. Thomas Nelson has trained the editor/evaluators to make sure the books published under the WestBow imprint are congruent with Thomas Nelson’s content standards. WestBow will offer editorial services, but in the end quality will be decided by the author. Having weathered a number of writers critique groups, the writers who most need their manuscripts to be edited will not take advantage of the editorial services.

WestBow Press Publishing Packages

  • Essential Access: $999
  • Pro Format: $1799
  • Bookstore Advantage: $2799
  • Online Platform: $3999
  • Video Plus: $6499
  • Video Premier: $9999
  • Pro Launch: $13,999
  • Premier Publicist: $19,999

I recall when Hal Lindsey decided to by-pass a traditional publisher. He self-published a book and used direct mail marketing. The book was a home run, but traditional publishers cried, “Foul.” As the industry changes, some pull back wishing things would stay the same. Alas, business and life continues to move at mach speed.

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