Friday, October 2, 2009

A fun writing contest: Show Editor Chuck Sambuchino your worst writing!

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As writers, we always strive to write our best--maybe not the first draft, but definitely by the final draft.

Here's an opportunity to work your hardest to write the worst storyline ever, thanks to Chuck Sambuchino, an editor for Writer's Digest Books,

What does he want from you?

A logline -- a one-sentence line that explains what your story is about and shows the "hook" - the unique idea that makes people want to see more. You see loglines all the time in TV Guide and on the back of DVD boxes. But, here's the twist: He wants stupid, dumb, terrible loglines!

Chuck held the contest once before, so if you'd like to see who won at writing their worst, check out the best entries.

Okay, that was a confusing sentence to write.

Go to Chuck's blog, Guide to Literary Agents, for all the rules. But the basics are: Your logline has to be one sentence with a max of 60 words.

So have it: Do your best to write your worst!

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