Friday, October 16, 2009

The Masters Seminars

Chip MacGregor
, president of Chip MacGregor Literary Agency, is now offering three Masters Seminars for fiction writers.
Here's what Chip has to say:

"In the Master Seminars you'll only get practical and proven methods to create a compelling story, and the plan that will make it sell. And sell. And sell."

There are three seminars offered:
1. Marketing Your Novel -- Proven marketing techniques that will make your novel stand out among the thousands on the shelves.
2. Writing Bestselling Fiction -- A two-day workshop with author Susan May Warren and literary agent Chip MacGregor explaining the basic elements of a bestselling novel, how to create great characters, and getting you going on plotting a story that will be both memorable and meaningful
3. Adding Depth to Your Fiction -- Bestselling novelist Lisa Samson and award-winning writer Susan Meissner are making themselves available for two weekends in 2010, in order to help novelists dig deeper into their work.

The first Masters Seminars are offered this November and December. A complete list of upcoming seminars is available here.
For registration and contact information, go here.

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