Monday, July 21, 2008

Tools Poets Can Use: Support and Feedback

“Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash."—Leonard Cohen

I’m often asked, “Where can I publish my poetry?” Many publishing houses do not publish poetry. It doesn’t sell well. When someone asks me to critique their poetry, I freak. I have no clue how to provide any feedback to improve a poem. This week I will include websites that provide encouragement and critique feedback for poets. A former post lists rhyming dictionaries. On Wednesday, July 23, I’ll cover poetry contests. On Friday, July 25, I’ll list sites providing markets that publish poetry.

Find Support
Resources for Poets provides links to free resources for poets who want to work on the “craft” of their poetry. It includes free online lectures, articles and interviews.
Li-Bo's text inspector (formerly known as cyborg penguins) provides a syllable counter and rhyme finder. It distinguishes between different poetic styles such as haiku, sonnets and others.
Wild Poetry Forum is an extremely active online, interactive community of writers and poets 13 and older striving to improve their writing skills and to share their creative thoughts with others. Workshop your poems and receive valuable and constructive critiques in a supportive atmosphere.
Every Poet includes a haiku generator, the all-poetry dictionary, an archive of world poetry, and a poetry free-for-all where you can share your poetry.

Receive Feedback
W.B. Yeats observed, “Out of the quarrel with others we make rhetoric; out of the quarrel with ourselves we make poetry.” A critique is not a quarrel. It is simply feedback that you the final editor evaluate. If the feedback applies, use it. If the critique doesn’t, don’t change your work.

Moontown Cafe features all types of poetry & writing, including: love poems, free poetry contests, teen, haikus, rhyming poetry, myth, humor, children's, love stories, tanka, free verse, structure & more. Post your poetry for feedback—all they ask is that you rate two poems for each poem you post.
The Poetry in Color forum encourages quality peer-to-peer feedback on members’ writings. Please note: This site is uncensored, so some of the poetry may be colorful.
Canadian Poets Workshop & Forum (CPWF) was created to welcome Canadian poets to share their work, critique other writers' works, enjoy the opportunity to get immediate feedback about their work and encourage interest in reading and writing poetry. Although they focus on Canadian poets, CPWF welcomes participation from any poets wishing to participate. They cover these poetry topics: acrostic poetry, African-American poetry, best friends, class and traditional poetry.

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