Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Build Your Author Platform: Wildfire Marketing

If you've traveled the writing road for any amount of time, you've heard this maxim: If you're an author, you need a platform.
Meaning: You need to be writing about something that attracts an audience.
The question is: How do you build an author platform?
Rob Eagar has the answer--or rather answers--to that most important question. Rob is the founder of WildFire Marketing. He helps authors, speakers, and publishers spread their message and sell more books through innovative marketing strategies.
For the past three weeks, Rob's been working with me as part of the six month Wildfire Marketing Mentoring Program. Let me tell you, Rob knows his stuff. Every week during our one hour phone call, I'm typing madly taking lots and lots and lots of notes. And every week I tell Rob, "You know your stuff."
He laughs.
But he knows I mean it.
I've learned more about marketing and building my author platform in three weeks than I've learned in all the books or articles I've ever read on marketing. And, even more important, I'm believing I can do this--with Rob's guidance.

Rob's just launched an updated Web site--and he's celebrating by giving away a portable GPS navigation system.

Here's how to win the prize: Visit the new WildFire Marketing home page at: www.StartaWildFire.com and signup to receive the free email newsletter. Register today, because the winner of the GPS navigator will be selected on Tuesday, July 22nd.

Plus, everyone who signs up will also receive an exclusive article by Rob Eagar called: "Marketing Mistakes Authors & Speakers Make."

While you're at the new website, be sure to check out these cool features:
Over 15 articles to improve your book marketing and speaking skills.
Author success stories and client testimonials.
Helpful links and resources for authors and speakers.
Descriptions about new services.
Updated blog with useful posts from Rob Eagar.

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