Monday, June 2, 2008

Tools You Can Use: Avoid Repeated Words Forever

What words do you overuse? Last night I discovered a wonderful website called Wordcounter. No, it doesn’t provide a word count. It counts the words you write most frequently.

Copy and paste your text into the Wordcounter box, then click go. To avoid repetitive words, bookmark this page and avoid redundancy forever.

Mark Repeated Words in Your Manuscript
To highlight each repeated word throughout your manuscript, on the Edit menu, click Find. In the Find and Replace box, enter the word or phrase. Then click on the Replace box. Select Highlight. Then Find All.

Here are repeated word results for this blog entry.

Word Frequency
word 8
repeat 3
box 3
find 3
avoid 3
click 3
count 2
replace 2
forever 2
highlight 2
website 1
entry 1
page 1
wordcounter 1
paste 1
copy 1
doesn’t 1
write 1
night 1
discover 1
enter 1
frequent 1
result 1
wonderful 1


Cro-Code said...

With Textanz utility you can count not only words but also frequently used phrases and wordforms. Various options, filtering, export, charts, user-friendly interface. If interested, take a look to Textanz page : http://www.cro-code.com/textanz.jsp

Alex Potyomkin

Beth K. Vogt said...

Interesting program.
Scoti--you should take a look at this option too. And now Tiffany and I have no reason to have repeated words--unless we want them, that is.

Janine said...

Another great program for identifying repetition is AutoCrit.com. The AutoCrit Editing Wizard highlights words and phrases that you've repeated too closely, as well as a frequency list of the most common words and phrases.

The Wizard also has about ten other reports that will tell you about your pacing, whether you've used too many ly-adverbs, etc, etc.

I wouldn't be published without this great program :-) hpe youfindit as useful as I do!

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