Friday, June 20, 2008

A Glimpse of One Writer's Journey Along the Writing Road

We all have our paths along the writing road.
My friend Roxanne's travels have taken her places she never imagined. Her dreams of publication have been delayed as she raised 7 children. Home schooled them. Experienced 2 late-in-life pregnancies. And then the unimaginable heartache of the death of her husband just a little more than a year ago.
Within Roxanne beats the heart of a writer. She is talented--I've laughed out loud when reading her WIPs. And she's won several writing awards that back up my claim. But her progress along the writing road has been interrupted by real life.
When I first tried my hand at fiction a few months back--during a time of burnout--the only person I told was Roxanne. She encouraged me. Read my oh-so-rough draft. Offered gentle critiques. I knew I could trust her with my fledgling dream.
For more of Roxanne's story and the lesson's she's gleaned, visit The Seekers, a blog about "writing, contests, publication and everything in between." Roxanne's the guest blogger today.

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