Friday, October 1, 2010

Special offer for ACFW Members from The Editorial Department

The Editorial Department (TED), one of the oldest full service editorial firms in the country, offers consultation, editing, and publishing support services for writers and screenwriters. Renni Browne, co-author of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, started TED in 1980.

Through October, TED is offering a special introductory promotion to ACFW members: the Read and React evaluation, a shorter, more concise written review. An editor will help improve your story's plot, pacing, characterization and writing style. The review also includes a half-hour consultation via phone or e-mail.

TED's Manuscript Evaluation is normally $2.00 per page. The ACFW special offer is priced at $1.25 per page--nearly half the cost!

There's also the option of a $35 Introductory Critique, which evaluates your story's opening and provides guidance for the rest of the manuscript.

Check out TED's list of suggested reading too, as well as their article, "What Editors (Really) Do: A Primer" by Renni Browne.

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Roxanne Sherwood said...

That's great to know. Thanks for posting this, Beth!