Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On Writing and Dentists

"I sometimes wonder when I read what even knowledgeable people say about writers and writing if they have any conception of what the life of a writer is like . . . . What they don't know might include: a visit to the dentist . . .

My plans for Monday were to complete a chapter to send to my critique group. An aching unbearable tooth made other plans for me. I called the dentist office. His receptionist said they’d work me in, so come to the office ASAP. I printed out the compost for the chapter, packed up my computer, and headed off to the dentist. 
     After analyzing the situation, the dentist could either give me antibiotics and I could come back on Thursday or he could work me in during the day. Since I came prepared, I opted to stay and let him work me in. Antibiotics that disagree with my intestinal tract didn’t appeal to me. And after looking at the infection pocket on the X-rays, I felt anxious for it to be out of my body.
     Well…three paragraphs, four thousand dollars (I don’t have health insurance), a lot of gas at party level and five hours later…I was more than exhausted. I wanted to go home, crawl in bed and suck my thumb. Except the dental assistant said, “Don’t suck on a straw”, so I figured the thumb was out also. The pain of my dentist’s reparative replaced the cause of the pain. 
     Today I return with Ibuprofen in hand to work on the chapter. Ahhhh…the life of a writer.


Susan said...

It's your intestinal tract, not track. And dental problems are just the WORST. I empathize.

Beth K. Vogt said...

There's always an editor lurking, isn't there? (This time it wasn't me!)
Glad you're feeling better-but sorry a dental disaster was the inspiration for this post!

Scoti Domeij, Director, Springs Writers said...

Susan, Yes dental disasters are the worst and so are wrong words. Thanks for the editorial catch. Wish I could blame it on the pain, but I can't. :<)

Jeanne T said...

Wow. It's always an act of submission when God's plans override our own for a day. How true it is that even writers (sarcasm in voice) have to deal with real life. :)I hope your recovery is quick and you have some wonderfully productive days of writing!

Scoti Domeij, Director, Springs Writers said...

Thanks, Jeanne. I'm off Ibuprofen tonight. Yea! And five pages of the chapter managed to struggle out of my brain. Can't believe I found a writing and dentist quote.