Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Raining Calicos and Dalmations

I slowed down to pass a two-car accident on the way to my son's speech therapy session. The cars weren't damaged too badly, and no one seemed to need an ambulance. Still, I prayed for the people involved, who I'm sure didn't have "collision" penciled-in on their calendars today. Even minor damage would be a major inconvenience in the pouring rain. I was thankful timing allowed me not to have been part of the accident.

The rain slowed to a drizzle, while my son and I got out of the car. I dashed inside with him in my arms, leaving my purse and umbrella on the seat of my car. While I chatted with the therapist, the deluge started again. Did you notice where I'd left my umbrella and cell phone? Rats! My day continued just like that. I dodged a few raindrops getting my son to preschool, then got soaked when the wind turned my umbrella inside out on the way to pick him up. Home again, I stuck him in a tub of bubbles, then hopped into the shower stall next door. Once we were warm and dry in flannel pj's, I settled down to write.

Since I didn't have an immediate idea for a blog entry today, I began perusing a book on writing that sometimes generates ideas. As I pondered what to write, out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly spied shadows on my ceiling. Stripes of shadows. No, more like stripes of water. Probably running along the beams in the attic. Oh. My. Goodness! Not more water damage to my house. Since last November, this will be my third water repair, each time due to a different problem. Once, the upstairs A.C. drip pan cracked, leaking to my downstairs laundry room/pantry. Then, my dishwasher line cracked. I didn't realize the problem until the surrounding cabinets were so saturated, they could hold no more water.

Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. Our readers depend on us to create suspense in our stories. Beth Vogt promises Double Take, the debut novel by Jenness Walker, startled her so badly when someone snuck up on her that she tossed the book across the room. Great tension, Jenness! But in my real life, enough is enough! I'd like to make a motion to keep bad surprises confined to the pages of my fiction for awhile. Do I hear a second, anyone?

~ Roxanne Sherwood


Jeanne T said...


I can certainly relate to "one of those days." My title for them is it's an "I wanna move to Australia kind of day." I hope that the bad surprises WILL be confined to the pages of your fiction for a long while to come!

Roxanne Sherwood said...

Oh, Jeanne, don't you remember the children's book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? They have days like this even in Australia. But I appreciate your wishes for a sunny future. :-)

Sue Tornai said...

Roxanne, I've had days like you described the day before Mt. Hermon. Who woulda thought I could get some rest at a Christian writer's conference? It was more like the drive there (since I wasn't driving). :)

Roxanne Sherwood said...

Sue, Getting ready for a writing conference is so hectic! Thanks for stopping by The Writing Road!