Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crafting the One-Sheet.

One sheet designed by Martin Graphics

A writer's one-sheet is a marketing tool for pitching your book to editors and agents at conferences. One-sheets are generally printed on white paper. Color is judiciously used for emphasis. Be careful because using too much color or too many type fonts are marks of an amateur. A desktop publishing program like Macintosh Pages or Microsoft Publisher will give you a professional look. A great touch is to add photos reflecting the book's setting, prominent symbols or theme.

Your one-sheet should include:

Title. Place the book's title at the top of the page in bold letters. Put the author's name directly under the title.

A Tagline.
Or hook. Also, called an elevator pitch. In 25- (precise, witty, catchy) words or less, tell what your novel is about.

Brief Synopsis.
Look at back cover copy for examples. Susan May Warren calls this The Big Bang. When constructing the big bang, think of these questions: What's at stake for the characters? What's the climax? What's the Black Moment? What's the spiritual takeaway?

Contact Information.
Author's name, address, phone number, email address, blog, and website.

A Current Author Photo. This will help the agent or editor remember you and your project.

Author Bio. This is a brief resume of your published works or experience pertinent to your platform. You may be a school teacher writing about bull riding. If you grew up on a ranch, that experience should be included.

Other. Genre. Word count. Status of work. Is it complete or a work-in-progress? Series or stand alone? Agent, if you have one. Target audience.

~Roxanne Sherwood

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