Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finding Markets and Writer’s Guidelines

"To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author."—Charles Caleb Colton

By Scoti Springfield Domeij

Feeling frustrated because you cannot find the right market to publish your writing? Below you will find a list of online databases listing writing markets and links to writer's guidelines. Some also include job listings.

AboutFreelanceWriting.com: Includes links to freelance writing jobs.

Bella Online: The Voice of Women: Links to 111 other websites with links to writing markets.

Forwriters.com: Scroll down their list of markets.

FreelanceWriting.com: Includes 898 writer's guidelines for paying magazine markets in their database.

Funds For Writers: Includes a variety of newsletters listing paying markets.

JacketFlap: Includes more than 20,000 children's book publishers.

Magazines in the Yahoo Directory: Lists magazines by subject. It links to the magazine's website. You'll have to search the website to find their writing guidelines.

OrganizedWriter.com: Search this database by category or alphabetically.

Sunoasis Jobs: Provides a resource base for those looking for writers, editors, and copywriters.

Wooden Horse Publishing: Includes over 2,000 print magazines in their media directory. It's fee based. You can check it out for 24 hours for $1.99.

Worldwide Freelance: Publishes two newsletters that contain international writing markets on a weekly basis.

WritersCrossing.com: Offers a weekly selection of paying markets in a free newsletter.

Writer's Guidelines Database: Browse by category, alphabetically or key word search of their database. It provides links to writing guidelines.

Writer's Market: The Writer's Market book is published each year and has hundreds of updated listings for magazine markets. You can also subscribe to the online database for a fee.

Writing for Dollars: Includes a guidelines database listing 848 writing markets.

WritersWeekly.com: Publishes paying markets and jobs each week.

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