Thursday, May 8, 2008

For Your Blogging Pleasure

I found out about a couple of new blogs and wanted to share them with you:
Writing News bills itself as book, author, and creative writing news. The stated goal of the blog is "to provide daily news updates for writers on all the topics they find interesting. We’ll report on writing, authors, contests, events, awards, markets, books, poetry, various genres, related websites, and anything else that seems relevant."
The most recent news post, dated March 30th, lists the Hugo nominees.

New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins has started a blog. Besides posting some photos of his adorable grandson, he mentioned the upcoming July 22nd release of his book Riven, from the lyric of Rock of Ages, referring to Christ's riven side. Jenkin's said this is "the novel I've always wanted to write. The story has been rattling in my brain for decades. It's about a present-day condemned man who chooses crucifixion as his method of execution."
Go here to see the cover.

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