Thursday, May 22, 2008

Author Interview with Sherri Sand: Part 2

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Sherri Sand's first novel is Leave It To Chance, a humorous tale of a romance between two stubborn people and the antics of a horse named Chance.

Sherri is a wife and mother of four young children who keep her scrambling to stay ahead of the spilled milk. She is a member of The Writer’s View and American Christian Fiction Writers. Sherri finds the most joy in writing when the characters take on a life of their own and she becomes the recorder of their stories.

On Tuesday, Sherri shared her experience along the Writing Road.

Today, here are Sherri's Top 3 Tips for Submitting a Successful Book Proposal:

1. There are many excellent books on how to write a proposal. Study them. It will ensure that the proposal you send in is polished and professional.

2. Don’t make the mistake of submitting substandard writing assuming that an editor or agent will see your potential and take you on. Make sure it’s your very best work before submitting it.

3. Get feedback from other writer friends or a critique group before submitting it. You’ll be amazed at how an already strong proposal can get stronger.

Visit Sherri's Web site.

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kb said...

I would love to have that book! :) It looks like a GREAT summer read! so ya...Pick me! haha

Anonymous said...

Sherri is a very skilled writer. I'd love to read her book.

Sherri Sand said...

It was a fun book to write (and sad to finish!)

Thanks for hosting me, Beth and Scoti!

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