Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Get Re-Inspired Workshop

Glen Eyrie, one of my favorite locations in Colorado Springs, is the site for the June 6-9 Get Re-Inspired! Writers Workshop featuring Angela Hunt, James Scott Bell, Nancy Rue and Kathy Mackel.
The teachers take a different approach to the workshop. At the beginning of the conference, each teacher explains their areas of expertise and teaching methods. Attendees then "team up" with a particular teacher--spending most of their time with that particular teacher, except for the morning keynote addresses.
Angela Hunt focuses on process, having developed systems to organize and improve any style of writing.
James Scott Bell zeroes in on communication--presenting a clear, effective and entertaining message.
Nancy Rue helps writers develop relationships between characters, and between readers and stories.
Kathy Mackel enables writers to create stories that touch hearts, while sticking to a sellable format.

The coference fee is $288 and there are different room rates for staying at the Glen. Information is available here.


Anonymous said...

hmmmmm purely for fiction writers? I wonder if I could swing a trip out...

Anonymous said...

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