Friday, June 18, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Writing . . . for Summer!

Photo by Beth K. Vogt

According to the song, "the living is easy" in the summer, but my writing schedule is a wreck!
Since my daughter's free from school and homework, that means I'm supposed to live an unfettered lifestyle too.
But I still have edits to do on my work in progress (WIP).
And I'm in an editing cycle Connections.
And I'm also helping to edit Voices, an online e-zine.
And I'm wondering about the status of the nonfiction book my agent is shopping around.
And I'm helping others pursue their writing dreams.
And there's this blog I write . . . and a new blog being birthed.
I find myself sneaking into my office and snatching a few writing or editing minutes here and there, in between spending time with my daughter. Or running errands. Or taking her to summer camp. Or picking her up from summer camp. Or making phone calls to arrange play dates. Question: Christa's almost 10 years old. Do you still call get-togethers "play dates" when your daughter is 10?
But I digress.
The bigger question is: How do I continue to see forward motion in my writing during the lazy, crazy days of summer?
Get up earlier? Stay up later? Not sleep?
I'll toss the question your way: How do you find time to write during the summer, when school's out and the kids are at home? Do you write poolside? Or do you scribble inside a tent, during a family camping trip? Do you plot out your chapter on a family hike, talking into a digi-voice recorder?
Inquring minds--and one desperate writer--wants to know!


Tracey, in MI said...

I have to steal writing time in the summer. Laptop helps. I love writing on vacation (we camp- I like to get up early make a fire and write while everyone else sleeps in:)

Tis summer, I'm planning on taking a couple of afternoons each week and going somewhere else to write. Panera is a good spot for me. I can leave the youngest with my middle son and be close by is they need me.

At least thats my plan for now. This is my first "real" summer with focused writing.. so I'm looking for other ideas!

萱祥 said...
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Beth K. Vogt said...

Tracey, as your post points out, it's all about flexibility--and sometimes the portability of our writing. I like large chunks of time to write--but those are less likely to happen during summer vacation. I have to recognize and work within that reality.