Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Tour: Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff

I have a lot of books on my bookshelves. I have TBRs (To Be Read Piles). And now I have a Kindle where I am compiling a nice collection of virtual books.

What do all of these books have in common?

They can all be lumped in the "out of sight, out of mind" category.

The fun thing about Jonathan Acuff's book, Stuff Christians Like?

Since I received my copy, I've moved it from my car to my bedroom, to my bathroom, to my kitchen counter. The book has traveled. Not only that, I'm talking about the book. I ask friends, "Have you read ... ?" A lot of them have--and then we compare favorite sections. If someone hasn't, I launch into an explanation of the book or, better yet, pull out my copy and start flipping through it.
Acuff said he hopes readers of Stuff Christians Like will know how fun and full of laughter a life a faith can be. You've got to laugh when Acuff writes about things like:

  • "Using Vacation Bible School as Free Babysitting" -- I know people who sign their kids up for serial VBS sessions all summer long.

  • "Finding Typos in the Worship Music"-- I confess, I am guilty of this.

  • "Tuning Out if the Minister is Younger Than You" -- I just realized my pastor is younger than me!

  • "Feeding Kids Their Body Weight in Goldfish Crackers" -- Do we think there is no other snack food?

  • "Fearing the Church Will Do Something Wacky the One Time You Invite a Friend" -- Enough said.

You can get a double-dose of Acuff's humor at Stuff Christians Like. The blog, which now has over 120,000 readers a month, was the catalyst for his book. If you want to hear what others are saying about Acuff and Stuff Christians Like, check out what the other bloggers in the tour have to say.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book to review.

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