Sunday, March 7, 2010

What genre or kind of book do you like to read and why?

"A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend." ~Author Unknown

When you want to curl up with a good read, what kind of book grabs you? Some escape through romance novels. Others try to understand or overcome their pain and shame through self help books. Whether you enjoy contemporary fiction, fantasy, science fiction, biography, mystery, self-help, or science books, books often tell us something about ourselves or others.
In TV interview John McCain and Barack Obama identified their favorite books. McCain pegged Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls. Obama named the Bible and Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon. What if they announced a book that was completely unpredictable?
Like a fantasy romance novel.
What Others Love to Read
Someone even received a book contract to find out the favorite books of 125 top writers. Don't you wish you'd thought of The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books?
Australia’s 100 favorite books
Harvard Book Store staff's favorite 100 book


Roxanne Sherwood said...

Love this list. Thanks for posting!

(Yeah, and I really HATE when someone writes a book like this, but I didn't think to do so. The sound you hear is me smacking my forehead.)

Roxanne Sherwood said...
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Scoti Domeij, Director, Springs Writers said...

Thanks, Roxanne. I feel the same way about a book that seemed so obvious.