Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog Tour: Sons of Thunder by Susan May Warren

Sons of Thunder by Susan May Warren wasn't just a good read--it was a compelling read. This is historical fiction done right.

I took the book with me throughout my day, reading snatches of chapters at red lights or when I arrived early to pick up my daughter from school. Part of me wanted to wait for extended periods of time to read the unfolding story of Markos, Dino and Sofia, but Sons of Thunder is a can't-put-it-down-page-turner.

In Sons of Thunder, Warren tells the story of Sofia Fragos, who is torn between the love of brothers Markos and Dino and the promise that binds them all together.

Warren writes true-to-life fiction and is not afraid to have her characters make tough choices. At one point when Sofia makes a certain decision, I thought, "I would never!" And then I paused . . . reflected . . . and realized that, if I was in the same circumstances, I would have made the same awful choice Sofia made, for the very reason she made it. Sofia's choice was her sacrifice for someone else.

I've read just about every book Warren's written, and she just keeps getting better and better. Her dialogue is strong, while her World War II historical setting and details accurately ground the book. The characters of Markos, Dino and Sofia are so believable that, more than once, I had to stop reading Sons of Thunder because my tears blurred the page.

Stop by Warren's Brothers in Arms Web site, where she's hosting a contest to celebrate the launch of Sons of Thunder. Share a story or photo from your family's history for a chance to win a Memory Prize Package that includes:

  • a certificate to create your own hardcover photo book
  • a 6-month membership to Netflix
  • a signed copy of Sons of Thunder

Five runners up with also receive signed copies of Sons of Thunder.

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