Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Resource: My Book Therapy Ezine

In a cold, remote, Siberian apartment, Susan May Warren dreamed of writing a novel and longed for an online community of other writers. In time, Susie became an award-winning, multi-published author, but it took a bit longer for the online community she'd envisioned. Eventually, she founded a mentoring/critique service, My Book Therapy, along with award-winning author Rachel Hauck, and started an online community. The My Book Therapy community of writers is called Voices because it's the place where your inner writer finds a voice. Voices are writers who desire to connect with other writers and who want to take their craft to the next level. Now, Susie and Rachel have launched a great writing resource: Voices. The My Book Therapy Ezine, an online magazine, written by the Voices.

I can't say enough about this quarterly online magazine that blends a community of writers with informative articles on writing craft, industry, encouragement and more. You'll need to read it yourself at

Voices: The My Book Therapy Ezine

Some of the Featured Articles this month include:
--A Word of Encouragement: Stay the Course by Reba J. Hoffman, Ph. D as My Book Therapy’s prayer coordinator
--Consulting with the Specialists: Jim Rubart, a media pro and Chip MacGregor, a top agent
--Tax Tips: Hobby Loss Interpretation for Writers by Danica Favorite-McDonald
--From Author Sighting to Author Signing by Leah Morgan
--Contests, Chats, Upcoming Releases, and so much more.
Lisa Jordan, a Genesis finalist, is the editor of The My Book Therapy Ezine.

~Roxanne Sherwood


Palam Vihar said...

Writing is a form of creative art and only few can maintain a good level throughout. I have thouroughly liked the ways you have represented different ideas. Congratulations of maintaining such a wonderful site.


Roxanne Sherwood said...


I'm so glad you've enjoyed The Writing Road. Our goal is to be useful to all writers, whether they're beginners or professionals. It helps that Beth, Scoti, and I are so different because we bring our diversity to this website.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving an encouraging word.

Good luck with your writing!