Monday, May 11, 2009

The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Psychology

"In the old days villains had moustaches and kicked the dog. Audiences are smarter today. They don't want their villain to be thrown at them with green limelight on his face. They want an ordinary human being with failings."—Alfred Hitchcock

By Scoti Springfield Domeij

Need Psychology Information for Your Fiction?

  • Does your character need psychotherapy?
  • Looking for the psychology behind a really great villain?
  • Wish you could ask a real clinician your psychology questions?
  • How can you make the psychologist in your fiction sound like a real shrink?

Before you lobotomize your character or send her off to electroshock therapy, check out Archetype: The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology.

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Beth K. Vogt said...

Scoti, stop luring me away from non-fiction with all the great fiction posts! I mean it!!

Scoti Domeij, Director, Springs Writers said...

Hey, Dark side, woman. Focus.