Thursday, April 16, 2009

See Your Plot’s Timeline

"Man is eminently a storyteller. His search for a purpose, a cause, an ideal, a mission and the like is largely a search for a plot and a pattern in the development of his life story—a story that is basically without meaning or pattern."—Eric Hoffer

By Scoti Springfield Domeij

Does your novel have an awesome cast of characters, yet you're still struggling to figure out the plot's timeline? Here are a few tools to plot out your time line—visually.

TimeToast: Interactive Timeline Creator

TimeToast lets you create timelines in a snap. You can add events for different calendar dates with pictures and text descriptions and then view your timeline.

TimeToast Features

  • Share your timelines with critique group members
  • Create an unlimited number of timelines
  • Embed the timeline on your website
  • FREE

Timerime: Flash-based Timeline Maker

Timerime helps you to create, view, and compare timelines.

Timerime Features

  • Create comprehensive multimedia timelines with pictures, text and videos
  • Let your critique group view your timeline or share theirs
  • Embed timelines on other web pages
  • FREE


Timeanddate.com deals with everything related to time and date. You can create a calendar for the year(s) in which your novel is set. Need to know if on a certain day there was a full moon? A word of warning—the website creator's organizational thinking for the site is a mystery to me.

Time and Date Features

  • Convert time zones and run countdown to a particular date
  • Create country-based custom calendars
  • Includes sun and moon calculators

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