Friday, January 30, 2009

Signs Along the Writing Road: What's Your Goal?

"Write for the Father’s enjoyment. I’ve found that when I write to please man—that editor or critique partner—I set myself up to only feel good about my writing if someone is applauding it. I would stall unless I had some compliments to “fuel” my writing. It put me in a very insecure place and I found that I was always looking outward for my confidence.

Learn to draw from the well of God and feel his pleasure in you and your writing. It removes the pressure to perform. Rather than writing under the stress and fear that your best effort won’t be good enough, you’ll find joy in writing, editing, and being critiqued. Okay, joy in being critiqued might be stretching things a tad."

~Sherri Sand, author of Leave It to Chance

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