Monday, March 10, 2008

The Side Roads of the Writing Life

In three oh-so-short days, I leave for the Hearts at Home National Conference. While I'm there, I'll teach two workshops on both Friday and Saturday. One workshop is related to my book Baby Changes Everything: Embracing and Preparing for Motherhood after 35. The second workshop is about how moms can help their sons choose purity instead of pornography.

Writers are encouraged to have a platform. Speaking at this conference is part of my effort to build a platform as a writer/speaker. Right now I am focused less on writing and more on speaking. And I get caught up in side roads like:

1. Managing my book table:

  • How many books do I take?
  • How do I display my books and other items?
  • Do I want to use a cash box or a bank envelope or something else for my money?
  • What other items do I want to offer at my book table?
  • Printing up price lists

2. Preparing for my workshops:

  • Gathering ground support, i.e. a group of friends to pray for me
  • Polishing my talks
  • Preparing my handouts
  • Practice, practice, practice

3. Odds and Ends:

  • Selecting outfits
  • Packing
  • Getting my hair cut (It's a girl thing!)
  • Figuring out how to pay state tax for Illinois
  • Staying on top (sort of) life here at home before I disappear for four days

I never considered all these details part of the writing life--but they are if you are pursuing the life of a writer/speaker. I'm thankful that I've got friends along the writing road, like my writing comrades Trish Berg and Susie Larson who have answered my questions along the way.

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Trish Berg said...


What a joy to share in this journey with you as well, my friend!

2 days an docunting to Hearts at Home!!! I can;t wait!

Praying for you daily,