Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Creativity Is a Pursuit

“Creativity is not something that happens to you. It’s something that you make happen.” —Shana Schutte

Shana Schutte, an author, editor, and speaker, spoke at Springs Writers last night on how to release your writing creativity. She provided many ways to defeat writers’ block which includes free writing and mind mapping. I highly recommend Shana as an excellent workshop and conference speaker. She addresses faith-based issues for women. Her website is www.runtogodministries.org

Creativity Killers
Shana also looked at the things in our lives that kill our writing creativity. How many of these do you experience?

* Not enough silence.
* Your inner critic—when the left side of the brain bosses the right side around.
* Not asking enough questions. Curiosity makes people write well.
* Stress, fatigue, hunger, worry.
* Skepticism. Am I a writer? If you write, you are a writer whether you are published or not.
* Time crunches. Too little time before a deadline.
* Environment. Where do you write best? In a noisy or quiet place?
* Procrastination
* People pleaser. People who rob you of your writing time.

How to Recognize a Great Idea
If it moves you, it will move someone else. Write, journal, type, scribble one worthy page a day and in six months you will have a book. So take your creativity and pursue it.

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