Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The First Step for the Writing Road Blog

Why another blog?

Why another blog about writing?

My Website The Writing Road has been up and around for a couple of years now. Most writers have a Website--what I call an "online business card." Nowadays it's pretty much expected that a writer have a Web presence.

The Writing Road is geared to beginning and intermediate writers--a way to help them make progress along the writing road. It's also a way to say, "Hi, this is me--Beth K. Vogt. I'm a writer and here's what I write about."

Now the time feels right to add a blog to the Website. It adds a new dimension to the site--an immediacy to the information available at The Writing Road.

My writing comrade, Tiffany Stuart, is my blogging buddy. We're already brainstorming the "what-ifs" of the blog. What if we do this? What if we do that? Quotes on writing? Book reviews? Author interviews? Personal insights on living in the alternate universe of the writing world?

Check back and see what we come up with.

Keep writing!

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