Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christian Author Kelly Irvin Publishes in General Market

Debut Author Kelly Irvin’s romantic suspense novel, A Deadly Wilderness, is a great read with a diverse cast of characters and a complex plot. Irvin is in the unique position of publishing her novel with a strong Christian protagonist in the general market as a library-edition hardcover by Five Star. In A Deadly Wilderness, Detective Ray Johnson lives out his faith without being preachy. Please request A Deadly Wilderness from your local library so more books like this may be available.


Single Titles
"Début author Kelly Irvin captures our attention instantly with a terrifying prologue that draws her readers into a suspenseful tale of intrigue, murder, greed and passion."

Publishers Weekly
"At the start of Irvin's solid romantic suspense debut, San Antonio, Tex., homicide detective Ray Johnson (aka “Bible Boy”) is hiking with his girlfriend Susana Acosta's eight-year-old son, when he falls down a ravine and lands near the body of Joey Doyle, the victim of a hired assassin, Lalo Hernandez, who has cut off Doyle's ring finger. When the police discover Joey was the youngest son of a wealthy car dealership owner (apparently unaffected by the auto industry meltdown), they investigate members of Joey's family, starting with his wife, Melody. Aware of her husband's infidelities, Melody had plenty of motive. Ray, a likable Christian cop who's not too holier-than-thou, has to decide whether he stays on the force or studies for the ministry to keep Susana's heart. In contrast stands Hernandez, the aging Latino assassin, whose laconic attitude makes him all too chillingly real."

Author Allison Pittman:
"A Deadly Wilderness is a killer of a good read. Kelly Irvin invites us in to savor the city of San Antonio while giving us a peek into a deliciously fictional dark side. It’s a breathless charge through twisting suspense, where murder, corruption and betrayal share equal time with loyalty, heroism and trust. Chilling scenes are unleashed through the eyes of a ruthless killer, but the true story unfolds with the hero, Ray Johnson, as he risks his life and his heart to solve a crime, protect his partner, and take steps to rebuild a life shattered by tragedy. Most striking, perhaps, is Irvin’s beautifully assembled, perfect cast of characters, a variety of voices, each of them weaving a unique thread. A Deadly Wilderness is a complex story, echoing the refrain of family in all its forms—the ones we love as well as the ones we simply endure. Above all, A Deadly Wilderness explores the idea of the family we’re willing to fight for, and to die for, and how we survive in the wake of those choices. "

A Deadly Wilderness is available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. Check to see if your local library has a copy. If not, please request one.

For more information, visit Kelly Irvin at www.kellyirvin.com

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